Annual Presentation Evening 2013

  • 25th January 2014

Presentation Evening 2013On Saturday 25 January we held our annual presentation evening for 2013 at The Pelican, Nottingham. Thank-you to everyone that attended, I hope you will all agree it was an excellent evening.

Congratulations to all of our students that received an award on the night, however those of you that did not receive an award please do not be dismayed just try a little harder in 2014 and I am sure you will benefit in January 2015.

We would also like to thank Michelle for helping Paul put the fantastic buffet together on the day of the event.

Here are the presentation results:

Competition League Winner Jack Hopewell
Competition League Runner-Up Ethan Ward
Competition League 2nd Runner-Up Connor Tait
Overall Dedication To Judo Connor Tait
Dedication To Judo Runner-Up Ellie Tait
Dedication To Judo 2nd Runner-Up Dylan Tait
Most Outstanding Newcomer Peter Harcsa-Pinter
Outstanding Newcomer Runner-Up Ace Crawley
Outstanding Newcomer 2nd Runner-Up Euan Edwards
Technical Award Ellie Tait
Coach Award – Paul Reiss McLaren-Meller
Coach Award – Chris Rebecca McQuone
Coach Award – Gary Connor Tait
Under 8’s Award Henry Farrer
Under 8’s Award Mase Evans
Under 8’s Award Jack Hutchinson
Under 8’s Award Ashton McLaren-Meller
Most Outstanding Judoka U11 Ellie Tait
Most Outstanding Judoka U11 Runner-Up Kyra Pidduck-Bedulskis
Most Outstanding Judoka U11 2nd Runner-Up Taylor Smith
Most Outstanding Judoka 11+ Ethan Ward
Most Outstanding Judoka 11+ Runner-Up Connor Tait
Most Outstanding Judoka 11+ 2nd Runner-Up Brandon Allsebrook
Overall Student Of The Year Jack Hopewell