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Paul Keeton

Paul Keeton

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Paul Keeton

2nd Dan - BJA Club Coach - Qualified First Aider - Cobra Senior Coach

Paul started Judo in September 1988 at the age of 19. A friend that attended a club at Basford talked him into trying judo. He took his first grading on the 29th January 1989 at which he passed his 4th Kyu (orange). Paul then continued to train 4 times a week Tuesdays and Thursdays at Six Ways and Fridays and Sundays at Basford, under the Instruction of Alan Barker and Robert Camm. Paul continued to grade achieving his 3rd Kyu on 6th April 1989, 2nd Kyu on 14th August 1989 and 1st Kyu on 21st January 1990. He then had to wait a year and attend a grading in Kent to attain his Dan grade on 10th August 1991. He then continued onto attaining his current IBF 2nd Dan on 9th December 1994. Paul also holds Dan grades in Jiu-Jitsu and Sombo. From when Paul first started in 1989 he attended many competitions both at National and International level. His first competition was at Scotland on 28th June, where he did not win anything, but he scored his first Ippon in the first contest that he fought.

On 17th March 1990 he was chosen to represent IBF Great Britain at a tournament in Holland, at which he received a 3rd place trophy. He then carried on competing in numerous competitions throughout 1990 and the beginning of 1991 only managing to achieve silver and bronze places along the way. Then on April 27th 1991 he was chosen to represent IBF Great Britain again, this time in Germany. The outcome this time was better than Paul could ever imagined he took 1st place in the U65kg category. Paul then on his return to England continued to win medals at every tournament, on December 1st 1991 he became the IBF U65kg British Champion. His run of medals continued retaining his British title in 1992, Paul then moved to the new weight of U71kg which did not seem to affect his competition results he continued through 1993 attending 10 competitions and winning a medal at each. He lost his British title in 1993 due to the weight change but continued to fight through 1994 and in December 1994 he attained the title of IBF British Champion once again for the U71kg weight category. He then carried on competing on and off until 7 March 1999 when he ruptured his tendon Achilles whilst competing at a tournament in Belgium.

Paul formed the White Tiger judo club in 1991 with co-instructor Cath Williams. White Tiger soon became a well known name within the Judo circle as it soon grew to one of the largest and most achieved clubs in Nottingham. Until 1996 when Paul and Cath decided to go their separate ways, this is when the Cobra judo club was born. Paul along with a handful of students based at the Denewood centre worked hard and with the addition of new students soon took over the White Tiger reputation and became the best club in Nottingham. They attended 12 competitions in 1998 winning 296 medals and trophies and 8 competitions in 1999 winning 208 medals and trophies. The club has since moved over to the BJA, which is now, the best association for students who wish to get along in Judo. The club since it started in 1996 has seen over 500 children through its doors. Yet only a handful that were there at the beginning of Cobra are still training with us today, and no-one that attends the club today ever saw Paul compete at National or International level or really knew the extent of Paulís judo record before 1994. In January 2001 Paul received his BJA 1st Dan and BJA Club Coach Award. These will add to the already long list of qualifications and achievements that Paul has worked hard to gain over the last 25 years.

Paul competing in his first event at Scotland
Paul competing in the 1991 IBF European Championships
This is the contest where my Achilles tendon snapped causing me to collapse whilst executing an Uchi-Mata

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