Higashi Open 2010 – Results

  • 27th September 2010

Higashi Open 2010On Sunday 26 September Ethan Ward, Marija Beliukeviciute, Chloe Keeton and William Humphreys attended the Higashi Open competition that was held in Spilsby, Lincolnshire.

Ethan fought first in the Boys u30kg category, in his first contest after scoring an initial Waza-ari from a counter attack he was then thrown by Waza-ari and held for Ippon. In his next contest he threw his opponent for Ippon in 46 seconds Ethan continued his winning streak by winning the next two contests one by Ippon hold and one by Ippon throw. Ethan’s final contest was the final in which he lost after being held down, receiving a Silver medal.

Chloe was up next in the Girls u40kg category which was a group of three, Chloe lost her first contest by Ippon throw; however she then went into the second contest winning by a Waza-ari throw and then a hold for Ippon. This result made the group a three way tie and the girls had to refight their contests. Chloe again lost her first contest but then as before won her second contest this time by Ippon throw. The group results were then decided and Chloe was awarded a Silver medal.

Marija fought next and was in the Girls u36kg category, Marija won both of her two contests, the first by Ippon throw in 33 seconds and the second by Ippon hold. These results gained Marija a Gold medal.

Last to fight was William; William had entered both the Men’s u66kg and Men’s u73kg categories. Out of his total of six fights William won five by Ippon throws the fastest of which was 9 seconds the remaining contest was won by Ippon hold. Winning all six contests secured William a Gold medal in each category.

You can view videos from the contests below: