How do I Start?

If you are aged 5 – 14 years old then you can start judo with our club straight away and your first lesson is free!

Just register using the form on the right and then come along on your selected Wednesday evening at 6.20pm and one of the instructors will greet you and answer any questions that you have and also arrange for a regular club member to buddy up with you for the whole session.

For your first session you will need to wear jogging bottoms or similar (no zips or other hard objects) and a long sleeved top that you do not mind getting pulled about (again without any hard objects).

For refreshment during your session we recommend either water or diluted juice, please do not bring fizzy or energy drinks.

Once you have registered you can pre-pay for one of the packages using the links in the registration confirmation email or by using the ‘Pay Now’ buttons below. All payments are completed via PayPal (a small processing fee is charged).

Full details on the current packages available can be found below:

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£55.00 Beginners Package
under 8 Years old

Discount beginners package for children under 8 years old.

  • Annual Club Membership Fee
  • One Year British Judo Membership
  • Four Free Lessons
  • Judogi (Judo Suit)
  • First Grading Free

£60.00 Beginners Package
8 Years and Over

Discount beginners package for children aged 8 years and over.

  • Annual Club Membership Fee
  • Four Month British Judo Membership
  • Four Free Lessons
  • Judogi (Judo Suit)
  • First Grading Free

£64.00 - £96.00 Price dependant on options chosen Pay as You Go

Pay for items individually as you go.

  • Annual Club Membership Fee (£5.00, payable within first 4 weeks)
  • British Judo Membership (payable within the first four weeks)
    Under 8 - One year (£24.00)
    8 - 16 Years - One year (£31.00)
    8 - 16 Years - Four Months (£16.00)
  • Lessons (£3.00, payable every week)
  • Judogi (Judo Suit, £20.00-£25.00 dependant on size)
  • Gradings
    Aged under 8 (£7.50)
    Ages 8 - 15 Mon Grades (£19.00)
    Ages 14+ Kyu Grades (£25.00)