Medal Hat-trick for Cobra Trio

  • 29th April 2012

Thomas Deacon 2012On Sunday 9 April Ethan Ward, Jack Hopewell and William Humphreys travelled to Peterborough for the Thomas Deacon u20 Competition.

Ethan was our first player to be called to the mat and he was in the Boys u34kg category which contained a total of 9 players.

Ethan’s first contest was against a player he had lost against previously, however it was not to be the same outcome this time and Ethan threw him for Ippon in only 10 seconds, putting him through to the semi-final. The semi-final was a much harder contest with the fight going into golden score, Ethan continued to put in the attacks and was rewarded with a Yuko score 10 seconds before the end of contest, and this now put him in the final. Ethan battled well but was thrown by his opponent for Ippon and Ethan secured the Silver medal.

Next up was Jack, he was in the Boys u425kg category along with 8 other players. Jack’s first contest went to the full three minutes however a Waza-ari score earlier in the contest was enough to put through to the semi-final. In the final Jack met a fellow Nottinghamshire player and was thrown for Ippon, this moved Jack into a spot to fight for Bronze. In this contest Jack showed great determination and dispatched his opponent by Ippon throw to secure the Bronze medal.

Out last competitor was William, he was hoping for a large group to try and secure his final 20 points towards his Black Belt, however there turned out to be only two other competitors in his group and he could not earn any points from them as they were a slightly lower grade.

William’s first contest did not go to plan and he was caught late into the third minute with an Ippon throw, this now meant he had to win the next contest for Silver. Again the contest went into the last minute of the fight but this time William was victorious securing the win with a throw and the hold for Ippon.

Videos of all the contests can be viewed below: