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Midland Area Belt Banded Result
On Sunday 17 May Peter represented our club at the Midland Area Belt Banded Championships that were held in Walsall. 

Nottm u12 Orange and Under Results
On Sunday 10 May Tyler, Peter, Sienna, Kyra, Taylor, Libby, Stevie and Ethan represented our club at the Nottingham u12 Orange and Under Open Competition that was held at the Ellis Guilford School.

Four Medals at Cobra JC Rumble
On Sunday 26 April Bailey Robinson, Danius Teiserskas, Ellie Turner and Nicole Brealey represented our club at the Cobra JC Red Belt Rumble Competition that was held at the Ellis Guilford School. Read more......

Technical Grading Results
Throughout April we held our first technical gradings of 2015 at which 21 of our students attempted to increase their grades. Read more......

Peter Strikes Gold at Miramar
On Sunday 19 April Peter Harcsa-Pinter represented our club at the Miramar Junior Orange and Below Competition that was held in Rotherham.

Nottingham Judo - Awards
On Saturday 28 March eight of our students were presented with awards at the first Volunteer and Club Awards evening hosted by Nottingham Judo. Read more......

Trio of Medals at Local Rumble
On Sunday 8 February Nicole Brealey, Sienna Pidduck and Jack Hutchinson represented our club at the Nottingham Red Belt Rumble Competition that was held at the Ellis Guilford School. Read more......

Throw yourself into Judo in 2015
Open to all ages and abilities, the Olympic sport of judo can help you boost fitness levels, balance, coordination and flexibility and above all have fun! Read more......

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Agglorex Trophy Results - Belgium 2002

On Friday 1 March at 6.30am a squad of 11 competitors and 13 companions started their 8 hour journey to take part in the Agglorex Trophy, which is an event held annually in the city of Lommel, Belgium.

We arrived at our hostel in Overpelt at around 4.00pm that evening, the hostel was fantastic, our party was split into 7 rooms which hold up to 4 people. After everyone had got settled in we took a walk into the nearby village where there was a sports hall, Kebab shop (brilliant), Pizza Takeaway, Late Night Chippy, plus plenty of bars.(Our favourite being a youth disco bar, open until 2.00am)

On the Saturday we had breakfast at 7.00am and departed for the sports stadium in Lommel at 8.00am. On arrival at the stadium we were amazed that the stadium we had been to the previous year was no longer used, however this was now replaced by a brand new stadium located at the rear or the old one.

On entering the stadium we found ourselves seating which placed us at the centre of the 5 competition areas that were laid alongside each other and were the same colours as at major International events.
Arena Spectators Mat Area
Our first contestant on the day was Stefan Montgomery in the u34kg category which was a pool of 5, Stefan won two of his four fights which secured him 3rd Place.
Stefan Contest Stefan Line Stefan Puzzle
The next fighter out was Jordan Merriman from Shirebrook Judo Club, Jordan, his mum Amanda(Ginny) and Grandma Mary accompanied us on this trip. Jordan was in the u28kg category, which was also a pool of 5. Jordon won all of his fights by Ippon, mainly using drop seoi-nage. This gained him 1st Position.
Jordan Contest Jordan Drop Seoi
Our last fighter of the Saturday was Jonjo Riley who was in the u46kg which was a pool of 4. Jonjo also won all of his 3 fights and gained 1st place.
Jonjo Throw Jonjo Airbourne  Jonjo Uchi-Makikomi  Jonjo Puzzle
Jonjo Hold
After the presentation we headed back to the hostel and got ready for our night out, which was a trip to a bowling alley that we found last year. This was is a great place to take the kids and they also serve food. We took over two lanes for two hours. The children on one lane and the adults on the other.
Bowling Dean Strike? Bowling Scoreboard
We left the bowling alley at around 10.00pm and headed back to the hostel to allow the Sunday competitors to get some sleep. Some of the adults stayed up and had a game of cards and a couple of drinks from the hostel bar.

The next morning we arrived at the venue for the 9.15am weigh-in. Our first fighter to be called on Sunday was Chris Bradshaw in the u66kg category. There were 7 in his category, he had a bye in the first round he then lost his second which put him in the bronze final, which he won. Gaining him 3rd place.
Chris Contest Chris Podium Chris Trophy
Our next two fighters out were Dean Hind u38kg and Adam Wheeldon u42kg, both were unfortunate and lost their first fights, this meant that the person who beat them had to get to the final to bring them back into the repechage. This did not happen and both Dean and Adam eliminated from the event after only 1 fight.
Adam Contest Dean Contest
Alex Chapman was next on the mat in the boys u34kg he won his first fight, then lost his second putting him in a bronze final which he won and received 3rd place.
Alex Contest Where's Alex? Alex Trophy
Our next three fighters to be called up were Craig Rollson and Curtis Ward in the u55kg (88-89) and Joe Black u55kg (86-87). Joe like Dean and Adam before him lost his first fight and was not brought back into the repechage. Curtis and Craig both won their first two fights, but then lost their third, which eventually led them to be eliminated from the event.
Joe Contest Curtis Contest1 Who's Throw? Curtis Leg Grab
Joe Throw Craig Contest Curtis Thrown Joe caught in the act!
Last up was Elliott Duffy who was in the Senior Men u60kg. Elliott lost his first fight, however his opponent made it through to the final, which brought Elliott back into the repechage, unfortunately Elliott lost his next fight which eliminated him from the event
Competitors Elliott Stress!!! Full Party
After Elliott had changed we headed for the local McDonalds just outside Lommel, where everyone re-fuelled and we headed back for our hostel. After a quick change we headed out for another night at the bowling alley. We returned to the hostel at around 10.30pm the local pubs were not very busy so we decided to stay in and have a few drinks instead. The children kept themselves entertained by playing table tennis and the adults played one game of cards that lasted 2.5 hours.

The next day we packed up our things and left the hostel at around 11.00am, we headed straight for the euro-tunnel crossing at Calais. When we arrived at the terminal there was plenty of time to shop for duty free and explore the huge City Europe shopping centre. Our trip ended at 8.00pm Monday evening when we arrived back in Nottingham.

The trip overall was fantastic with everyone having a great time. Start saving for next year!!!

Posted: 04-03-2002

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