Nottingham Invitational Results

  • 25th June 2017

On Sunday 25 June, ten of our students represented our club at the Nottingham Invitational held at the Ellis Guilford School.

Our squad performed and behaved brilliantly and were a credit to our club.

Here are their results and medal photographs.

Name Category Result
Joel Edwards Boys A Gold
Henry Farrer Boys C Pool 1 Gold
Peter Harcsa-Pinter Boys D Pool 2 Gold
Johnathan Roe Boys C Pool 1 Silver
Breanna Roe Girls B Pool 2 Silver
Taylor Smith Boys D Pool 3 Silver
Mikhail Armstrong Boys B Pool 6 Bronze
Euan Edwards Boys C Pool 3 Bronze
Leo Hazeldine Boys B Pool 3 Bronze
Ewan Peutrill Boys C Pool 2 Bronze