Nottingham Judo – Club Awards 2019

  • 10th March 2019

On Saturday 9 March; seven of our students and one of our coaches were presented with awards at the annual Nottingham Judo – Club Awards evening.

Prior to the event our coaches were provided with seven categories and were asked to select a student from our club for each of those categories, the students were then invited to the awards evening to accept their award.

On the evening our students and their guests along with students and guests from seven other Nottinghamshire clubs entered the smartly decorated venue with treats on arrival and other goodies on their tables.

The awards ceremony started at 8.30pm with the venue full to capacity, Paul was the designated compare for the evening and worked his way through the 60+ awards each club at a time.

This was followed by an amazing buffet that had one of the longest and most patient line we had ever seen, but there was still enough food for everyone.

All the guests then danced the rest of the night away entertained by the DJ and his assistant who lead party dances and got everyone dancing. The atmosphere was brilliant and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Congratulations to all of our students that received awards and for those not selected this year if you train hard and put the effort in this year, your name may be on list for next year’s event.