Peter Strikes Gold at Miramar

  • 20th April 2015

gold-miramarOn Sunday 19 April Peter Harcsa-Pinter represented our club at the Miramar Junior Orange and Below Competition that was held in Rotherham.

Peter was grouped in a pool of six and this meant he would have five fights and would need to win them all to secure a Gold medal.

He got off to a lightening start by dispatching his opponent in just 3 seconds with an Ippon throw, he second opponent fared slightly better but Peter threw again for Ippon this time in 35 seconds.

There was no stopping Peter in his next contest which was his longest of his day at 80 seconds he again threw his opponent for Ippon.

Peter was now down to his last two contests with three wins behind him; Peter proved to be unstoppable by taking the last two fights with Ippon throws the first in 5 seconds and the second in 3 seconds.

This was a fantastic outing for Peter who won five contests in a total time of 2 minutes and 6 seconds and took a well deserved first place and Gold medal.