Technical Grading Results

  • 27th June 2011

Grading June 2011On Sunday 26 June at the Bilborough Sports Centre we held our second technical grading of 2011 at which 25 of our students attempted to increase their grades.

From 10.30am – 12.30pm all of the students were examined by Paul, Chris and Steve Wilkins.

Well done to all of those that took part and thanks to Steve for his help.

The results are listed below:

Matthew McMurtry 1st Mon
Max Walker 1st Mon
Liam Carolan 1st Mon
Kyra Pidduck-Bedulskis 2nd Mon
Natasha Bullivant 2nd Mon
Sean Barrett 2nd Mon
Luke Fitzwater-Cole 2nd Mon
Taylor Smith 3rd Mon
Lewis Askew 3rd Mon
Joshua Williamson 3rd Mon
Thomas Coleman 2nd Mon
Maison Campbell 4th Mon
Wiktor Gojtka 4th Mon
Dylan Allsebrook 4th Mon
Jack Hopewell 6th Mon
Brandon Allsebrook 6th Mon
Andrew Barron 6th Mon
Alex Barron 6th Mon
Alex Burnet 6th Mon
Ethan Ward 6th Mon
Ewan Moye 6th Mon
Emari Robinson 7th Mon
Thomas Viles 7th Mon
Finley Adams 8th Mon
Harry Jennings 9th Mon