Trio of Medals at Nottingham Red Belt Rumble

  • 8th February 2015

Red Belt Rumble 2015On Sunday 8 February Nicole Brealey, Sienna Pidduck and Jack Hutchinson represented our club at the Nottingham Red Belt Rumble Competition that was held at the Ellis Guilford School.

Sienna was up first in a pool of four and would need to win all three contests to secure a gold. Sienna got off to a fantastic start in this her first ever competition winning her first contest with an Ippon throw in under 30 seconds. She continued her winning streak taking the second contest with a Waza-ari throw and then held for Ippon. In her final contest she met an opponant who had aslo won both of her first two contests and after a tough faught battle she was eventually outmatched by her opponant and this resulted in a well earned 2nd place and Silver medal.

Nicole was our second player called to the mat, this was Nicole’s second competition and she was looking to match the Gold winning performance that she achieved in her first event.

Nicole was placed in a pool of three, she dispatched her first opponent with a quick Ippon throw in only 3 seconds, her final contest was much tougher and the fight went to the full contest time with Nicole emerging victorious with an a Waza-ari scored throw earlier in the contest. The gained Nicole another Gold medal to add to her collection.

Our final player of the day was Jack Hutchinson which like Sienna was Jack’s first competition. He was in a pool of four and would have three contests. His first contest lasted the full duration with his oppoent edging the win with a Yuko scored earlier in the fight. Jack then continued to fight well in his remaining two contests but was unable to secure a win. Jack was placed fourth and received a Bronze medal.

It was great to see some of our students representing our club and we hope that more will follow in their footsteps at future events.