Nottingham County Grading 2016

  • 10th July 2016

all-beltsOn Sunday 10 July eleven of our students attended the Nottingham County Grading at the Ellis Guilford School, during the morning 56 students from clubs across Nottinghamshire we examined by six club coaches.

It was great to see that our students were all very well prepared and had trained hard and learned all the necessary requirements which meant that everyone passed their next level.

Also a big well done to Arunas Beliukevicius who has finally taken and passed his Competitive Dan Grade Theory, Arunas gained the points required a long time ago and he has now completed the theory element and can now wear the coveted Black Belt.

Here are the results:

Henry Farrer 4th Mon
Hugo Kali 1st Mon
Ewan Peutrill 2nd Mon
Taylor Smith 8th Mon
Peter Harcsa-Pinter 8th Mon
Tyler Black 9th Mon
Euan Edwards 4th Mon
Breanna Roe 1st Mon
Jonathan Roe 4th Mon
Danish Henry 1st Mon
Jack Hutchinson 4th Mon