Nottingham Open 2014 – Results

  • 15th June 2014

Nottingham Open 2014On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th June Nottinghamshire staged the annual Nottingham Open competition at the Ellis Guilford School. This event is one of the largest events held in Nottingham with Seniors competing on the Saturday and then the u16’s on the Sunday.

Peter Harcsa-Pinter, Ethan Ward and Jack Hopewell were representing our club on the Sunday.

Peter was up first in the u12 u34kg category; there was a total of six competitors in this group which was split into two pools of three with the top two going through to a knockout. Peter lost his first contest after being thrown and held for Ippon, however he faught back winning the second contest holding his opponent for Ippon. This win saw him through to the knockout stage and he would meet the winner of the other pool. In the semi-final Peter was held for Ippon and he finished in third place and received a bronze medal. This event was a huge step up for Peter as he had only competed at Red Belt events previously and he fought well and was not too out of his depth.

Ethan was up next in the u16 u42kg category with six other competitors, this group was split into a pool of four and a pool of three, Ethan was drawn in the pool of three and would need to win at least one contest to secure a place in the semi-final. Ethan won both contests comfortably the first opponent was held for Ippon and the second was dispatched with an Ippon throw in four seconds. This put Ethan through to the semi-final again the runner-up of the other pool. Ethan held his semi-final opponent for Ippon and was now in the final. Ethan battled well but was eventually thrown for Ippon and therefore finished in second place and received a silver medal. Ethan showed great determination in this older category in which he was one of the youngest competitors.

Jack was our final competitor on the mat in the u16 u55kg category; Jack had the largest group of the three with a total of 11 competitors and was a knockout system with repechage. Jack would need to win all his contests to progress to the final, losing two contests would see him out of the competition. Jack got off to a good start beating his first opponent with a throw for Ippon and was through to the semi-finals. The semi-final was a hard fought contest with Jack being held for Ippon and would now fight for bronze. In the bronze final Jack lost concentration and was dispatched quickly for Ippon by his opponent and finished in 5th place overall. Like Ethan this was Jack’s first outing in the u16 category at which most of his opponents were older and much more experienced and Jack battled well against them.

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