Nottingham Closed 2014 – Results

  • 13th July 2014

Nottingham Closed 2014On Saturday 13 July our club was represented by 14 students at the Nottingham Closed event that was held at the Ellis Guilford School. This is the largest squad that we have fielded in a single event since 2008.

For the first time in Nottingham there was a special category included especially for players aged under 8 years old, they were all split into groups of four and would then take part in a randori practice with each of the players in their group, there were three sets of players on the mat each time and they all had their own referee to help them get used to the terminology.

We had seven players in this category all of which were awarded a Gold medal for their participation, there were some great techniques on display from these young players and we look forward to seeing them at their first competition when they turn 8 years old.

Well done to our under 8 squad members: Euan Edwards, Henry Farrer, Oliver Horvath, Ashton McLaren-Meller, Bailey Robinson and Johnathan Roe.

Ethan Wood was our first player in the main competition, who was placed in a pool of four; he lost his first contest after being thrown for Waza-ari score and then held for Ippon. In his next contest he threw his opponent early in the contest and scored a Waza-ari and this was enough to secure the win as the contest went the full duration. Ethan’s final contest also went the full duration with his opponent edging the win by a penalty, this was a great first outing for Ethan and he finished in third place and received a bronze medal.

Next up were Daniel Wood and Chris Alvey, they were both drawn in the same group which was a pool of three players. Daniel and Chris both lost their first contests Daniel was held for Ippon and Chris thrown for Ippon, the boys then met each other in their last contest; it was a tough fought contest with Daniel eventually taking the win with an Ippon hold near the end of the bout. Daniel finished in second place and received a silver medal and Chris finished third receiving a bronze.

Kyra Pidduck-Bedulskis took to the mat next in a group of five, Kyra won her first contest with a hold for Ippon but then lost her remaining three and finished in fourth position receiving a bronze medal.

The next category was the Boys group C/D u33kg in which Reiss McLaren and Tyler Black were representing our club and were drawn in a pool of four. Reiss won his first contest throwing his opponent for Ippon, he then lost his second but then battled back to take the third contest with another Ippon throw. This earned Reiss second place and a silver medal. Tyler fought well but did not win any contests and finished in fourth place and received a bronze medal for participation.

In the next category two of our players were again drawn in the same pool, this time it was Peter Harcsa-Pinter and Taylor Smith in the C/D u38kg. Peter was called first and lost his first contest after being thrown for Ippon, Taylor was next and he faired a little better beating his opponent with a Waza-ari throw and then held for Ippon. Peter then battled back and continued to win his final two remaining contests by Ippon throws; however Taylor was not for fortunate and lost his remaining two contests. Peter finished second overall and received a silver medal, whilst Taylor finished third and received a bronze.

Chris Alvey also chose to enter the higher graded category in which he won one of his four contests against much higher graded players and finished in a respectable fourth place and received a bronze medal.

This was a fantastic outing for our club and we are extremely proud of all the performances that they put in and their behaviour and sportsmanship was commendable. They are all a credit to our club keep up the good work!