Samurai Junior Green and Under 2012 – Results

  • 4th November 2012

On Sunday 4 November Ethan Ward and Jack Hopewell travelled to Kidderminster to compete in the Samurai Green and Under Championships.

Ethan was up first in a pool of five, his first opponent proved to be a tough challenge taking the contest to Golden Score and then flags, Ethan secured his first win of the day after the judges voted in favour of Ethan. In his second contest Ethan’s opponent withdrew through injury after 0.45 seconds gaining Ethan a second win. It was another tough contest that followed with the time going the full contest duration but Ethan had scored a waza-ari throw earlier in the bout that was enough to take the third win. In his final contest Ethan looked for a quick win and threw his opponent for Ippon after 0.35 seconds. Four wins secured Ethan 1st Place and a Gold medal.

Jack’s group followed and he was matched with three opponents in a pool of four. Jack did not start off too well with his first contest going the full duration and his opponent just edging ahead of him to win with a Yuko score, in the second contest it again went the full duration plus Golden Score and Jack’s fate would be decided by the judges, the judges decided to go in favour of Jack’s opponent. Jack had one final chance to secure a win at this event and he did this is spectacular fashion, throwing the eventual Gold medallist for Ippon in 0.15 seconds. With this win Jack earned a well-deserved 3rd Place and a Bronze medal.