Technical Grading Results

  • 31st October 2012

All BeltsOn Monday 29th and Wednesday 31st October at our clubs in Bilborough we held our final technical grading of 2012 at which 15 of our students attempted to increase their grades.

We decided to run the grade at the club sessions instead of our usual grading day as many students had advised they were unable to attend the Sunday examination.

Well done to all of those that took part.

The results are listed below:

Korenna Drury 1st Mon
Rebecca McQuone 1st Mon
Theadora McCann 2nd Mon
Danae Spademan 2nd Mon
Nikodem Sadecki 2nd Mon
Reiss McLaren-Meller 2nd Mon
Jeevan Sandhu 2nd Mon
Dylan Tait 3rd Mon
Ellie Tait 3rd Mon
Joshua Jackson 3rd Mon
Connor Tait 3rd Mon
Hermina McCann 3rd Mon
Ritho Evans 3rd Mon
Sophie Rees 6th Kyu
Taylor Smith 5th Mon