Technical Grading Results

  • 30th November 2014

All BeltsThroughout November we held our last technical gradings of 2014 at which 14 of our students attempted to increase their grades.

From 6.30pm – 8.30pm all of the students were examined Paul.

Well done to all of those that took part.

The results are listed below:

Autumn Farrer 1st Kai
Faustas Savickas 4th Kai
Ashton McLaren-Meller 6th Kai
Henry Farrer 7th Kai
Bailey Robinson 1st Mon
Ethan Wood 2nd Mon
Jack Hutchinson 3rd Mon
Johnathan Roe 3rd Mon
Peter Harcsa-Pinter 5th Mon
Tyler Black 6th Mon
Reiss McLaren-Meller 6th Mon
Daniel Wood 6th Mon
Luke Wood 6th Mon
Christopher Alvey 5th Kyu