Technical Grading Results

  • 30th April 2015

all-beltsThroughout April we held our first technical gradings of 2015 at which 21 of our students attempted to increase their grades.

Well done to all of those that took part.

The results are listed below:

Breanna Roe 1st Kai
Erin Wood 1st Kai
Danish Henry 1st Kai
Faustas Savickas 5th Kai
Henry Farrer 8th Kai
Danius Teiserskas 1st Mon
Kim Enkh-Mergen 1st Mon
Ethan Liddle 1st Mon
Ellie Turner 1st Mon
Gabe Shaw 1st Mon
Bailey Robinson 2nd Mon
Ethan Wood 3rd Mon
Steven Thronton 7th Mon
Peter Harcsa-Pinter 6th Mon
Nicole Brealey 6th Mon
Tyler Black 7th Mon
Jeevan Sandhu 7th Mon
Elizabeth Thornton 9th Mon
Daniel Wood 7th Mon
Luke Wood 4th Kyu
Christopher Alvey 4th Kyu